Special Projects


The scope of Polyphone OM1018k1 is the creation of symbiotic sounds from ethnic pop & house of east and west to north and south › 
. The artist & producer Stella von Schöneberg ›  OM1018k1 is lead by the idea of sound symbiosis of modern and folkloristic Rhythms. Her inspirations are born on her various journeys on mystic and hidden places ›  OM1018k1 where she could learn about the OM1018k1 spirits and meanings of native sounds and instruments. Here she got the acustic vision of combining these with commercial OM1018k1 music. Among others she intigrated world reknown music legends like Asha Puthli ›  OM1018k1 and performed & created together musical OM1018k1 harmonies › ( page 18-19) which influenced now Polyphone Sound Project OM1018k1. The Billboard Charts ›  will soon reflect the incredible sounds of OM1018k1 Polyphone Sound Project in its Hot 100 list.


...Catwalk is not only an song! Catwalk is a whole Fashion Project! Stella von Schöneberg collaborates with different worldwide talented young designers. During Stella von Schöneberg performs her song "Catwalk" a 5min Fashionshow starts, where an local talented designer shows hes collection. Choosed creative & talented designers, create a capsule Performance Collection for the next season for Stella von Schöneberg, where they create a new vision/image and bring their creativity and Stella von Schöneberg's to the next level! The Project started in NY with the talented designer Alina for the brand LaL Couture/NY in 2013/14, and been continued by Andrew Kouvaris/EU 2014/15, followed by Samantha Wilson/UK 2015/16, 2016/18 Charles of London/UK created for 2 seasons an special capsule collection and 2019 Alexander Hiteks special Glasses

Samantha Wilson