Stella von Schöneberg

(Pop Star - Entertainer Icon)

Stella von Schöneberg, is an European pop singer & songwriter from Berlin (performing artist at Miami WMC & ADE-Amsterdam.
She started her musical career by performing with the groups:
"Prosecho", "Come Out" in Germany and "Polygon" in USA.
Stella von Schöneberg, came to prominence when she began performing in the pop music scene of Europe as a solo artist 2005 and enrolled at Frankfurt University's Sciences of Sports & Music Arts.
She signed her initial album "Cosmic Energy" in 2010/11 with B12 Records.
In 2013 Stella, cooperated with Asia's youngest renown Dj on an album release in India:
Stella von Schöneberg feat. Dj Prithvi: "Beat the Box".

Stella von Schöneberg, captured the attention of Asha Puthli (the Indian-American World Legend 70s) who recognized her talent and vocal abilities and Asha
supported Stella at her album "WOT" in Miami WMC 2014:
Stella von Schöneberg feat. Misteralf vs. Stefano Ravasini (signed with Cult Note Records).
The album ranked #5 on the charts in Europe and topped the Billboard Dance 40 charts #35 in the United States.

"Roomservice" was released March '15 at the WMC/Miami which was included as well in the album "Souling" Ibiza-Miami 2015 by Move Recordings. Then later in November exclusively relaunched by further solely publisher Proton Music.
Her next studio singles "Afterparty" released in January 2016, which ranked #14 in the EDM-Charts in London.
2016, at Feb 29th "Venus Power" got released for the WMC Miami and then lined up for the Berlin Video Music Awards. "Chatroom" got released at the 1st day of "Ultra" Music Festival.
Oct.'16 at the Amsterdam Dance Festival Stella released and officially presented her album "Happy-Birthday". Already at Jan. 1st 2017 it peaked #6 in EDM Ranking - London.
Nov.'16 she released her album "Homosapian" (covering the songs "Homosapian" & "Catwalk").
Jan.'17 followed the album release "Shadows".

coming soon in March'17 at Ultra & WMC Mami-FL become released and officially presented her next chartbreaker Boyzz & Girlzz

Inspired by glam rock artists like David Bowie, Queen or pop singers such as Madonna & Michael Jackson and also influenced by the ethnic artist Ravi Shankar. Stella is well recognized for her outer sense of style as a recording artist, in a unique music/art & fashion- visual and live performance.
Stella von Schöneberg, has positioned herself as an entertainer icon. What separates her, is her unique sound and appearance, her art-show on stage as well her ability to attract new fans globaly.
Her sound can be defined as a European style of influenced- pop-house; laced with powerful messages; into rhythmic and sultry lyrics!

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